I would love to help. But I am in NM and I have already committed to installing a new steering rack, all new sway bar bushings and some other items on the Subaru this weekend. BTW, I am a closet 944 lover, so you have my heart. » 7/30/14 11:36pm Yesterday 11:36pm

I would take that or the XL. Most of my use, in the west, is to do labor. It will get abused a bit. Do not need the extended cab/crew cab. The 8' bed/standard cab puts the load center so much closer to the front axle. After many years and many trucks, I know what works for me. » 7/30/14 7:36pm Yesterday 7:36pm

Some interest. Since my MC accident, I do not think I could bike much. But I would enjoy a couple days 4 wheeling. I would probably come on Thursday afternoon thru Sunday morning. (I have a regular job now and free time is not dependent on my whims). Keep us up to date on plans. » 7/29/14 6:25pm Tuesday 6:25pm