FIA Sets new criteria for future drivers

Federation Internationale de l'Automobile. (Damn, that is a lot of crap to spell out) has set new rules for getting a Super License. In the wake of the Verstappen uproar, they have decided to revise their way of handing out said licenses. It is now based on points accrued. It makes sense to me. » 1/06/15 6:15pm 1/06/15 6:15pm

Why I Never Participate In Class Action Lawsuits (RANT)

Reading part of an Op-Ed written by one of the Toyota "unintended acceleration" recipients. He got his check for $20.91. Lawyers got their checks for $227 million. Why would anyone participate in these things? Not that I hate lawyers. Sometimes they are a necessary evil. But still evil. Lawyers like Steve Lehto… » 12/01/14 12:22pm 12/01/14 12:22pm